Our goal here at Boudoir Creatives is to come up with artistic and outstanding sensual images in collaboration with our clients, we make the artwork together and here are some of the things you can keep in mind when preparing for our boudoir photoshoot.

What to wear: Before the shoot wear clothes that are loose fitting so there won’t be marks on your skin, wear a button down top so you won’t mess up your hair and makeup when changing outfits. The outfit during the shoot will depend on what concept was established on consultation, since we are Boudoir Creatives it can be anything from lingerie, costumes, body paint to nude, aren’t you excited yet? A boudoir shoot is not something you do often, this a special event we suggest that you invest in good outfits for the session, you don’t want to look back and say, I should’ve.

What to bring: Bring jewelry and accessories that you think will match your outfit, we will go through them before shooting and determine which ones to use, if shooting lingerie, bring invisible undergarments to cover areas not meant to be photographed, if we are doing art nudes and want to use spray tanning, please not not do it yourself let a professional or our stylist do it for you, it will be more evenly spread and will look much better on photos.

Makeup: If Boudoir Creatives is doing your makeup, please come without any makeup on, be sure to be well rested and hydrated and see yourself get transformed into a diva!

Shoes: Bring shoes that will match the look we are going for, bring more but not the entire shoe cabinet : ) shoes are sexy!

Show up: We advise you to plan to be on our shoot earlier than scheduled, stress is not our friend and it shows on the photos.

Enjoy: Once everything is set up all you have to do is enjoy the session, free yourself of all the stress and worries be the supermodel and diva. This shoot is for you, a treat and memorable experience, enjoy it.