About Boudoir Creatives

Boudoir Creatives is a team of professional photographers and stylists serving the GTA. We provide the experience of an actual creative professional photoshoot at a setting that is comfortable to our clients, as well, our goal is to come up with outstanding and gorgeous images for your little black book.

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Before the Shoot

Our goal here at Boudoir Creatives is to come up with artistic and outstanding sensual images in collaboration with our clients, we make the artwork together and here are some of the things you can keep in mind when preparing for our boudoir photoshoot. What to wear:

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During the Shoot

A boudoir creatives shoot runs anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the package, if we are doing your makeup and styling, allow another hour to your schedule. Before your actual shoot we will go through the outfits and brief everyone on the concepts, framings

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The Little Black Book

The little black book is the culmination of our collaboration, all packages come with a little black book, it will hold images that we will select together during the ordering process, this book will be your pride and joy, your gold medal, your cake and eating it

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Styles and Themes

When you google boudoir photography images you will mostly see the pinup style, in lingerie, on the bed kind of photos, this is the most popular look most clients ask for, we do it, but we also do other styles, we are Boudoir Creatives and we want

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Info & FAQs

SHOOT LOCATION: We shoot in studio but we can also shoot at your place if it’s going to give you more comfort, we also shoot in luxury hotel suites for clients looking to get a different look and feel to the images. DELIVERY: Your book will be

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